5..4..3..2..1.. List Off!

We are Ossie and Nat, two friends who have been making lists of absolutely anything for years, from breakfast cereals to best hats to charity singles. With Covid lockdowns keeping us out of the pub we’ve taken to Zoom to compare our Top Fives – treating the trivial with all the seriousness it deserves.

We made a podcast show thing.

You can subscribe via the platform you most like or you can watch or listen to all the episodes here on our site.

If you’ve got ideas for Top 5 Lists you’d like us to do then you can ping them to us on Twitter or Instagram or even send us an electronic-mail like in the olden days at listoffpod@gmail.com. We can’t promise we’ll do them but you might well save us some thinking time.

If you like the show and want to give us a tip then wow, thanks, we’ll spend it on our hosting fees and then when that’s covered we’ll pay minor celebrities to record shout outs for the show on Cameo or Memo. Imagine!